"The focus on breathing techniques to improve mental health and reduce stress levels was insightful, and I found the science behind it to be both fascinating and compelling. The instructor was knowledgeable and engaging, providing practical tips and hands-on experience that helped me to better understand and implement these techniques in my daily life. . . . It was well worth the investment!"

Infinite Resource Solutions, LLC

"The presenter was extremely knowledgeable about the various techniques and the science behind them. I appreciated her ability to explain how the body reacts to stress in a detailed scientific way. It really helped everyone understand why the techniques are so effective and how they can improve your overall health. . . . The techniques are easy to perform and can be done any time. I highly recommend the seminar to anyone who wants to clear their mind, reduce stress, and help their mind and body perform at a higher level."

Tommie B.

"This training was very helpful, and I will incorporate it into my daily life. I received insight how to better deal with stress, have a healthier lifestyle, and mental health. I liked how thorough Colleen was."


"The government invests in us (servicemen/women) to get training to defend and protect others but have not really invested in the transition back to a regular person. This training honed our self-awareness of how to live in a peaceful manner, which we did not have enough time to do when getting out of the service. I think it is helpful and important. Something new from a different point of view."

Service Member
U.S. Air National Guard  

“This training helped me understand what my body does when I’m under stress, and has given me super techniques to deal with my stress.”

Director, Foster and Kinship Care Education Program Santa Clara County

“What truly sets Colleen apart is her ability to weave together very complex material from various fields. Her effectiveness is a slight of hand in which through experiential methods, she transforms knowledge and skills into a coherent and concrete form for all to grasp.”

Mindfulness Teacher and Entrepreneur  

“The training was absolutely brilliant. I felt I found it invaluable both professionally and personally. It far surpassed my expectations.”

Psychologist Emirate Airlines

"As a college instructor, I’m managing a lot of stressors on a day to day basis. To say that the strategies I learned from that workshop have impacted my life is an understatement. The breathing and grounding techniques have allowed me to have a peaceful and reduced-stress finals season and in my 8 years in education, I’ve never felt so calm or less stressed while grading and helping students manage difficult situations. Thank you, Trellis!

L. M. College Instructor

"As a Professional Yoga Therapist, Qigong, and Thai Ji Instructor I was very impressed with the organization, flow, and content of the seminar. The relaxed and safe atmosphere that Colleen and George created allowed the attendees to be honest about the stressors in their life and how they react to those stressors. . . . I’ve used similar techniques with Elite Performers, people experiencing chronic illness, anxiety, and in hospice care. I can say without a doubt this BMBS Coherence Training is going to be a game changer for anyone looking to effectively manage stress in a positive and productive manner.

Yoga Therapist  

"After following Colleen’s work for years. I finally had the opportunity to attend one of their training sessions in person recently. I was delighted I did. Being able to learn from Colleen and her subject matter experts was invaluable. To have them guide us through various exercises was priceless. I wish I had been able to experience this training years ago. I have told several Veterans I know that they need this training. It will literally change their lives.”

Senior Officer USAF

"This training was very helpful, and I will incorporate it into my daily life. I received insight how to better deal with stress, have a healthier lifestyle, and mental health. I liked how thorough Colleen was."

Department of State Diplomat  

"This training has opened my mind to how complex the body and the mind are, but when working in unison are one of the most dominant tools we have in developing and understanding the way we are as humans. I found everything to be useful."


“The training helped me understand my mind better. It also put into perspective past experiences. This is useful in helping me raise my children.”

US Forest Service "Hot Shot" Firefighter    

“I wish the Navy had this program when I came back from deployment.”

Service Member
U.S. Navy

A Very Personal Testimonial from Trellis Life Management co-founder, George Reynolds:

Admittedly, I think it is unheard of (if not, very uncommon) for any owner or other key principle of a company to provide their own testimonial extolling the virtues of that same organization. What follows, however, is unique and thus a critical component in the birth of Trellis Life Management. I hope you agree.

I suspect, like many viewing this site, you are doing so in search of methods to enhance your well-being, improve your mental performance, embrace stress reduction methods, or perhaps, all three. If so, you are not alone as I have walked, trudged, and sometimes stumbled in your shoes.

During my 31-year Army career and subsequent four years as a Department of Defense civilian, I survived the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon, served in three wars, and spent over seven years of my life deployed in combat and operating in war zones. Despite this array of experiences I stubbornly refused for many years to admit I suffered from a post-traumatic stress disorder and as such, scoffed at those who did.

Sadly, I also rebuked the efforts of those who tried to address this disorder or at the very least, help me. People like Colleen Mizuki, who in 2019, joined my team as part of a company executing a fairly significant Department of Defense training initiative. Though the ease at which she was able to connect with our students – intermediate and senior level defense department civilians and military personnel – was profound and I was quite impressed by her infectious passion and genuinely sincere desire to impact lives in a positive way, I remained very dismissive of the mind-fitness and mindfulness techniques, and stress reduction and performance enhancement practices she espoused.

With candid hindsight, I admittedly chalk these sometimes harsh rejections up to my closemindedness, ignorance, and intellectual arrogance. This combined with an inability to look beyond my own self-assuredness, was, in honest retrospect, entirely dismissive.

Flash forward three years to the spring of 2022, I entered a period of extreme personal setback and found myself literally spiraling into a mental and physical abyss. Realizing this, Colleen reached out and tossed me the ultimate lifeline. Fortunately, this time I listened.

Colleen coached, mentored, and inspired me to embrace the practices I so stubbornly and foolishly rejected in the past. Since then I have experienced a degree of benefit that, had I not actually lived it, would seem unimaginable.

I am now mentally, emotionally, and physically in the best place of my life. So much so that later in 2022, I reached out to Colleen and floated an idea and an offer: Join together as partners in a formal pursuit to help others. She graciously accepted my offer and thus the genesis of Trellis Life Management and our partnership.

In addition to the practices and techniques Colleen introduced me to and I embraced, I also decided as a form of therapy to capture my evolution in words. In a two-week period, I did just that, composing 184 quotes and poems that looking back, actually do capture the trajectory of my journey from a resistor to a zealot. I invite you to check them out in my blog post titled: The Mother of All Blogs.

If you do, please feel free to share your thoughts directly with me at [email protected]. Positive comments make me smile and warm my heart. Negative feedback, if constructive, helps me grow. Each is encouraged and welcome. This is the Trellis Life Management way. (Spoiler alert, I am hardly Ralph Waldo Emerson, but I hope something I penned resonates.) So, hit me up.

Some of those who have

benefited from our approach

  • ABF Freight
  • Adobe Corporation
  • The American Legion
  • Civilian Expeditionary Workforce
  • Credence Management Solutions, LLC
  • Cyber-Operations Academy Course
  • Defense Security Cooperation Agency 
  • Jefferson County (Kentucky) Public School System
  • Ministry of Defense Advisor Program
  • NCAA
  • NFL
  • Q2 Impact
  • Santa Clara Country (California) Social Services
  • 7Futures
  • SOAR Management Consulting, LLC.
  • Torrid, LLC
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • U.S. Department of State
  • U.S. Forest Service
  • Utility Workers Military Assistance Program
  • Vietnam Veterans of America
  • Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program